Sections: Am 20c Pol Hist (2023 Spring POLS-1500-A)

Political Science 1500-A Am 20c Pol Hist
POLS-1500 American 20th Century Political History (3) (B) This course examines the history, politics, culture, and economics of The American Century. Students will explore events and personalities through contemporaneous newspaper and broadcast media stories, as well as modern scholarly references. The course seeks to answer these questions: Why did these events occur; who or what caused them; what harm or benefits resulted and how have these lessons given America the wisdom to choose better in the 21st century? (HI, PC)

Section Name: POLS-1500-A
Departments: Political Science
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type: Standard, Historical Inquiry, Person & Community, Typical Freshman Course
Credits: 3
Books: To Be Determined