Sections: World War II (2023 Spring HIST-3686-A)

History 3686-A World War II
HIST-3686 World War II (3) (D) The Second World War is one of the most transformative of recent world events. It reshaped the balance of power in the world; it forced peoples of all nations to reevaluate traditional relationships between themselves and their government, their social assumptions, and their cultural perceptions. This course examines the war in a social, military, and diplomatic context. Socially, this course will examine the rise of totalitarian societies, life during wartime, and the impact of "total war." We will be discussing life in Japan, the US, the USSR, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and the areas of occupation in Asia, Africa, and Europe. (HI, WP)

Section Name: HIST-3686-A
Departments: History
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type: Standard, Historical Inquiry, Western Perspective
Credits: 3
Books: To Be Determined