Sections: Medieval History (2023 Spring HIST-3540-A)

History 3540-A Medieval History
HIST-3540 Medieval History (3) (D) This course covers the foundational period in European history from ca. 500 to ca. 1450, a time that would later be dubbed "the Middle Ages." Topics covered in this class include the transition from the Roman to the early medieval world; the emergence of Barbarian kingdoms; Viking invasions; feudalism; European expansion; late-medieval government; the disasters of the late Middle Ages; religious thought and practice; women's roles; highlights of medieval culture; the contribution of archaeology to studying the period; and the legacy of the Middle Ages. The assignments focus on texts and other material produced by medieval civilization. (HI, WP)

Section Name: HIST-3540-A
Departments: History
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type: Standard, Historical Inquiry, Western Perspective
Credits: 3
Books: To Be Determined